Best Refinishing Coffee Table


Most people will have a coffee table at their home, and I bet you are some of them. If you really like your coffee table and still use it even if the surface of the table got some scratches. What will you do with that coffee table?, you don’t want to throw away that table isn’t it?, of course because that is your favorite one. Here it is I will give you the way to keep your table furnish your room. You just have to use refinishing coffee table method. With this way you can keep your lovely coffee table, you can give a new touch them.

To begin this method you can remove first the finish and stain from the top and sanded the legs and sides. The top is in the worst shape so full sanding was needed. A belt sander was used. For the legs and sides hand sanding with a medium or fine sanding block. Finally a worn out fine sanding block you can use to finish. After sanding and removing the dust, stain is applied. You can a apply gel stain, Old Masters. The stain just wouldn’t look rich enough so you can use shading varnish. For this some people mixed the spar varnish and stain together. This mix cannot be brushed, as streaks of color would appear in the finish. You can spray it with a touch-up gun that holds about a pint of shading varnish.

Application of the protective clear finish is next. Varnish is use; you can apply several thin coats with a light sanding and tacking in between each coat. That is a short explanation about how to refinishing coffee table, get your old coffee table looks new. With this way you don’t need to buy the new one. The old things has been accompanied you, may be has created precious moment in your life.

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