Classic Bauhaus Coffee Table


Everyone will always have guests come to their home, and living room is a place that where you have your guests there. To welcome your guests I think you want to have something there to make your guests feels good and enjoy when come to your home. I suggest you, may you have to put coffee table with good looking and stylish there. If you agree, just search coffee table and make it yours. You can find it at Bauhaus, there are Bauhaus end tables and coffee table that might the one of them is suitable with you and your home.

Bauhaus coffee table has the modern classic and contemporary furniture. Here they are some coffee tables at the Bauhaus. The first is Bauhaus meets Ifugao tribesmen. This coffee table is remarkably carved from one piece of wood. The waste of which is used to create smaller products. The next is the Bauhaus Coffee Table, was inspired by the durability and simplicity of iron ship furniture. Made to last with simple yet high grade brushed steel, It is finished in a beautiful brass patina. Those coffee table has their own style and made by different material. Besides that, the other coffee table will be mention bellow.

Bauhaus has Magic T100 Convertible Table by Ozzio. The Magic T100 Convertible Table by Ozzio is an extremely versatile and highly functional table made to be a space saver for residential environments. The Ozzio Magic Table can be used as a low lying coffee table, or raised and extended to be a full dining table able to easily accommodate six. Its attractive polished aluminum base and top were designed by Studio Ozeta, master designers of transformable tables and other furniture. You can find the other Bauhaus coffee table at their websites and bring Bauhaus 2 your house.

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