Classy Coffee Table Made Of Crates

A stylish wooden coffee table is one such piece of furniture that can transform the look and decor of a whole room. But, they don’t come cheap and you will probably have a hard time finding a nice coffee table with low cost that you will actually like. However, if you are willing to dedicate some time and a little effort, you can get a trendy coffee table for your drawing room for free. Have you some old fruit or wine crates stored in your garage? Go get them and here you will learn how to turn them into a classy center table.

Classy  Coffee Table Made Of Crates Classy  Coffee Table Made Of Crates
Classy Coffee Table Made Of Crates Classy Coffee Table Made Of Crates

You can make the Vintage Wine Crate Coffee Table, the arrangement of the crates leaves a square empty space in the center of the table and here you can get a few ideas about how to utilize it. The flowers at the center, along with the polished finishing, give it a professional touch. Yet another similar coffee table made out of crates, you can experiment with the color and finishing for unique designs. You can actually buy wine crates online at pretty cheap rates; just make sure they are all of the same size and proportion to avoid unnecessary problems with sizing your table later.

It is a good idea to color the table to match your interiors and furniture, for example a gray table can be a complement for the dark sofa and off white carpet. You can even make a simple glass-top table just by adding a glass sheet on top of the crate table. Or you can just cover the gap in the center with a small square piece of glass so you don’t have to worry about dusting or cleaning. Filling the space with colorful pebbles or corks before covering it with glass is usually a good idea.