Creative DIY Coffee Table Ottoman


You are boring with the coffee table that you have, or the color of the table has fade away. You just change it or you go find the old one but still can use. And if you don’t have an old kitchen table to cut down and re-cover or can’t find one at a yard sale, thrift store, etc. Use an existing coffee table. You know, the one that’s sitting in your living room right now that may be not really like your coffee table. Cover the table up with some beautiful tufting. Guaranteed, it’s probably easier than you’re thinking. You can find how to do this from DIY coffee table ottoman.

Redecorate your old coffee table to be the coffee table ottoman is the perfect choice. If you know this kind of coffee table, may be you will ask the questions how can the usual coffee table can be the coffee table ottoman. You can do that and the answer is from DIY, DIY coffee table ottoman. It is easy, you just have to prepare Upholstery Fabric, amount will vary, depending on the table top that you’re covering. Just be sure that it’s a large enough to piece to cover the table top, the sides, and wrapped to the underneath side, with a few inches extra around all edges to account for the tufting that will pull the fabric from the top surface.

Begin by dividing your surface into sections and drawing lines along the width of the table top. Along each line that you draw, is where you’ll drill your holes. This will require a little math and visualizing, to determine where you want each hole and how many. The other tools to do that you can find on their sites, so you can more understand how to do that, not only just use your imagination.

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