Creative IKEA Hacks Coffee Table


Coffee table is an element that you have to put at your living room. Sometimes you already have a coffee table and you get bored but you don’t want to throw the one you have. You can hack your coffee table, like the IKEA hacks coffee table, you can find the way to hack your coffee table. For example there is other elements of this on another site but it was too colorful, very small and without the shelf and bins that I’ve added with custom handles for a lot of storage. This table is all IKEA elements except for the LEGO plates on top.

Hope you like it. you can follow assembly instructions of the table and magnetic strip then attach the towel rod with screws. They recommend using wood glue on both the back of the LEGO base plates and table. It’s very important not to push the plates together to dry. For Accurate spacing, use blocks to connect the plates. Let glue dry over night. For the other hacks of your coffee table, you can visit the website and try by yourself. Or you can see the various style and add your favorite thing to make the table of yours different from the other hacks coffee table.

Having coffee table with the different decor is the best one you to have. You don’t need too much make the coffee table by your own, from the material until the shape may you have to cut by yourself. This IKEA hacks coffee table just redecorate your coffee table that had you bought with the way like you reconstruct it. combine it with the other thing that you like. That is the example of the IKEA hacks coffee table, interesting isn’t it ?, don’t wait for so long just go get yours.

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