Famous Yves Klein Coffee Table


The Yves Klein coffee table may will be your choice to furnish your home. How about to furnish your room with the Table bleue, designed 1961/1963. Of all the artist-designed furniture from the last century this is perhaps one of the most famous examples. This iconic table is from an edition begun in 1963 under the supervision of Yves Klein’s widow, Rotraut Klein-Moquay, based on a model he designed in 1961. From 1963 to the present, the Yves Klein Estate in Paris, France has overseen the production of this coffee table edition.

Klein designed the table in the three materials most common to his work at the time. International Klein Blue pigment, rose pigment, and gold leaf, and all three variations have very strong and active secondary markets. The coffee tables are a controlled edition which means that the estate produces a limited number each year. The exact number produced of each variation is not made public though certainly in the early years few, if any, tables were made. Over the last decade as the tables have been in more demand their availability has been more limited which has, in turn, created their strong secondary market.

What is most important to understand about this edition is that the estate does not view tables made at an earlier date as any more valuable than those produced today. The sides and base of the table are plexiglass and the top is glass which make the table surprisingly functional and easy to maintain. They supply detailed installation instructions for all three table variations that can be followed by any experienced art installer. If you are in the New York City area we are available to oversee the installation or can assist in finding an installer here or throughout the world.

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