Lovable Zebra Wood Coffee Table


Having coffee table with the wood design is the favorite one. Coffee table made by woods can you combine with any furniture. And also can suitable with any interior, so you don’t afraid too much about the furniture from wood that will you put at your home. If you agree to choose coffee table made by wood, here it is the coffee table made by wood with the special design. That is Zebra wood coffee table, the coffee table with Zebra line. Might you imagine the line and color of Zebra, but for this kind of coffee table, the same thing with Zebra is the line that apply to the wood.

Here they are some example of Zebra coffee table, just check it out. Sheesham Highlight Coffee Table, the asymmetrical legs and breathtaking wood grains in this cocktail table will be the focal point of any decor. The Sheesham Highlight Wash finish gleams and the large surface area is perfect for displaying artwork, books or even working a puzzle. The next is Zebrano Cocktail Table, Zebrano is Africa – the mother ship. It is where we all originally come from.

There is some African-ness in all of us, no matter where we come from.
The Zebrano has materials from MDF wood with a Zebrano wood veneer, and a protective finish. This table can be shaped different ways and also includes a lot of space for shelving and decoration. Handmade in New York. Those are the two of so many kind Zebra wood coffee tables out there. If you interesting with this kind of coffee table, you can find the fits one with your taste. Because wood material can be suitable with any type of interio, so you just choose the fit design with your taste. Just check out the pictures of this for more.

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