Modern Kilim Ottoman Coffee Table


Having coffee table ottoman at your home is the perfect one. But have you ever been imagine having ottoman combine with Killim, let pay attention to this Killim ottoman coffee table. Kilim rugs are quickly growing in popularity. They have a worldly look that complements any design style. The word Kilim is of Turkish origin and is used to describe pileless rugs made using a flat weave technique. These beautiful textiles were not just made in Turkey their origins range from regions like the Balkans to Northern Africa, to name a couple. Now these cosmopolitan treasures are appreciated in households all over the world.

Today, Kilim rugs are characterized by spiritual and tribal patterning, as well as rich colors. More mainstream companies have appropriated the look, making them accessible to any home, anywhere in the world. These beautiful textiles have been repurposed as upholstery fabrics for pillows and ottomans to add bohemian flair to your space. The antique version of this rug is truly an amazing historical piece to acquire, though it can come with a hefty price tag. For those who want the style but for a more economical price, you can get a reproduction of one of these classics.

Below are some beautiful pictures the Kilim rug. Notice that this rug adds warmth to any style of room. The Kilim rug in this space is a great complement to this craftsmen style of home. That classic pieces will work in any space. This holds true for the Kilim rug the ancient design is a great fit for a modern interior. You have your home with modern style you can put this coffee table. Having fun with your family while you have coffee time. So, now you can furnish your modern home with the classic and warm style through this coffee table.

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