Natural Asian Style Coffee Table


A coffee table Asian style , is also functional , allowing you to serve Asian style snacks and drinks. An amateur craftsman with materials and tools for woodworking can create a coffee table with Asian style. The key to give the table some Asian touch is to keep the low table land with clean lines and lines that have a high shine. Tips on how to build a table of Asian style. Sand each piece of light wood until the surface has a slightly rough appearance. Sand the edges until smooth table . Paint each piece of wood with a glossy black paint.

Even paint with smooth movements , following the grain of the wood. Let the paint dry overnight and then apply a second coat. Sand the second coat of paint soon after you have finished drying. Do not sand too hard or deep. Avoid leaving streaks on the surface. Use a drill bit that is smaller than the diameter of the wood screws . Drill two wood screws through the holes in the pre – support forum in each of the four legs of the table . Use clamps to help keep your legs still while drilling, if necessary. Flip the board ‘s support for the legs up towards the ceiling.

Four to six holes pierce through the center of the support plate . Make sure the place uniformly holes to provide maximum support to the table. Put the front of wooden table down on a mat or blanket to protect it from scratches . Place the plate, with legs still up on top of the wooden table . Slowly drill with screws into pre-drilled holes in the middle of the table. Be very careful not to break the surface of the wood of the table . Once the top is connected , turn on the table and enjoy your new coffee table.

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