Natural Wisteria Coffee Table


Nowadays, there are many stores that sells furniture or decoration for house. The one of many furniture that will always people searching for is a coffee table. May be you are one of them, and to have the coffee table sometimes you will get confused to choose what kind of coffee table which is fits with you and your home interior. To help you not to be confused of that, just try to take a look at Wisteria coffee table. That cool enough to furnish your home. Make your house has their cool looks.

They have many coffee tables; Nesting coffee table, marble coffee table, disappearing, modular, parquet, but there is new coffee table, that is the new Quadruped coffee table ; Great size for most spaces, sturdy materials for everyday use, round shape helps traffic flow top to bottom, this handsome little coffee table is the most stylish thing you'll find on four legs. The wooden base features subtle, hand carved details while holding tightly onto the tabletop of polished marble which adds an air of mid-century elegance. It's carved in a circular shape to keep it compact and help with traffic flow.

The next new one from Wastaria coffee table is Petrified wood coffee table-noir : adds an organic touch to a space, dramatic presence, each is naturally unique in color. The tiles that make the bold geometric patterns on this coffee table are made by hand using real petrified wood. This material is a record of time and history, having developed over thousands of years with pressure, water, and wood. Because it's created naturally, each one we have is original in color and style. No matter what you get, it will definitely have a dramatic presence with bold, organic style. For more coffee tables specification you can go visit their website or take a look the pictures here.

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