Refined Noguchi Coffee Table


We know well that coffee table become so famous these day and become a lifestyle for some people. Noguchi Coffee Table is an examples. People have made so many innocvation for us to steal and use to update and make our living room become more refined. And one unique vision: one piece of freeform glass, two perfectly and delicately balanced pieces of wood. Imitated? Yes. Equaled? Never. Yes, you can try it as your ideas for your coffee table design? Of course it is a yes.

Is this art, where we call it as a furniture, that much time bring us to a great line, and noguchi is a designer of coffee table where made from mid-century modern to traditional. This table is a such of glamorous and elegance look that can be stunning enough to hold our time in enjoying our coffee time, pizza, and the kids' game consoles in the rec room on family night. This table has no limits of using, you can use it as whatever you want.

Basically, the table is just made by three pieces. Where the A ¾-inch freeform as a glass top where make the looks modern and cool. And then, the rests on two curved, which can show people how solid wood legs that interlock to form a self-stabilizing tripod in the way it is standing. Although it looks delicate, it is solid, perfectly balanced, durable. You can customize the size that you have in your space, no matter what, this design is perfectly fits for you, stunners. Go on!

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