Sturdy Top Gear Coffee Table


Living room is the part of a home that usually you use for something you like or to display your hobby there. For you who like everything about gear or you like riding and hobby to collect vehicle. When you spend your time to do your hobby, I think you will accompany your time with a cup or more coffee, right ? yes coffee is always be a loyal friend when we have me-time at home. But how about your coffee table, don’t you say that you use an ordinary coffee table at your home. Because there is top gear coffee table that will fits with you and your hobby.

Top gear coffee table is a table that use a gear to be the legs of the coffee table. You have to pay attention with this one coffee table, this is really unique to be the decoration of your living room at home. Just imagine you have this table and use it to do your hobby or just to be your friend when you spend your time to enjoy your coffee time. I know it will be the best thing to spend your time that you ever had. If you want to have one just see to the store that sells it or you can build or custom by your request.

The gear of the table can you request if you want, and go to the table maker to do your table. It will be more the best if the gear is from your vehicle that not you use anymore. You can do that, just take the part of the gear you have and suit the position, make it sure that the gear can be the legs for the coffee table that you want to be yours. Now, you just make your decision what way will you use to have that top gear coffee table as yours.

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