The Lovable Black Distressed Coffee Table


Hi, guys! Do you want to have a new coffee table? Yeah, we like to share you about coffee table. Distressed coffee table is about to be a great and lovable design for your living room. Distressed coffee table can be made by wooden or metal. And if you like to have a table with black color for your coffee table, you can use it as your coffee table color. You can have a table with great design with square piece of this solid sits on a great chrome square edge, making a present day, Industrial foot stool that adds a urban component to your home.

If you like classic styles, you can use antique style. And lovable black design can make your living room become a great living room ever! You can use any material that are exist in your house. For examples, you can use old door and then modify this to become an adorable table. You can use metal material for your construction and then the wooden. You also can play off the color, you can combine the black color and another color for your coffe table. And if you are going about to order it, it won’t be that expensive.

And for the shape, you can choose whether you like round or square. Rectangle shape can be a choice too. You can add any drawer for your coffee table, and then storage for your stuff. If you like to have a small table, you can use a creative way to make your table become more than just a table. Make a shadow box, so you can hide your drawers become a secret storage. So, take a good look and choose your best coffee table that you think can fulfil your need. Here we go for the galleries

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