Warm Mod Coffee Table


When people are talking about coffee tables style, they usually imagine modern designed. The old thing but elegant, Mod coffee table is the choice. To the mod coffee table it is recommended to choose modest, quiet upholstery in neutral, basic colors and soft, sensual materials, represented by leather or cotton. Where can we find them? Almost everywhere!. Choose something special and take it home. They will definitely become the basis for good-quality. There are some examples of mod coffee table that will be mention.

Cullen rectangular rotatable mod coffee table, the cullen rectangular mod coffee Table is reminiscent to the late 60's era. This modern designed table features a rotating storage drawer that transforms an ordinary table to a functional piece. Far from traditional, the Cullen will sure to be a statement piece in your living room, bedroom or office. Features: includes one rectangular coffee table, features rotating wood toned swivel storage unit , constructed from plywood, table is finished with a white hi-gloss sheen, modern inspired design.

Raka mod modern grey pallet coffee table, this handcrafted coffee table features an industrial, modern design with the use of reclaimed shipping pallet boards. Each wood panel is carefully inspected and hand selected to ensure the highest quality overall finish. The coffee table is then carefully & thoroughly sanded down very well to ensure a smooth finish. Raka Mod’s goal is to restore as much of each piece of wood as possible, without taking away the essence of reclaimed wood. If you look closely, you will notice knots, nail holes, and tool marks which are proudly selected to be displayed as a way to show its history of a previous life as well as its originality. One of the beauties of Raka Mod’s reclaimed pieces is that not one piece is identical to the last.

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