Wonderful Shadowbox Coffee Table

Shadow box or coffee tables embedded with shadow boxes are quite different from regular center tables as they have enough display space. With a glass top, the items kept inside do not collect dust making it more convenient to maintain the table. This vibrant coffee table with a shadow case provides ample space for keeping bullets and bullet casings. Placing dividers inside the shadow box gives you the scope to organize the accessories in one place. With a neat and modern finish, the table is sure to add a lot of charm to your interiors. Made from reclaimed soda boxes, this rustic piece of furniture displays all your treasured collectibles.

Wonderful Shadowbox Coffee Table Wonderful Shadowbox Coffee Table
Wonderful Shadowbox Coffee Table Wonderful Shadowbox Coffee Table

A great idea for building a shadow box table from reclaimed wooden planks and glass panes. Make this robust fitment a part of your living space for showcasing valuable items. Sand and stain the shadow case followed by coating with a durable waterproof paint. With an understated elegance, this multipurpose table goes well with every decorating style while preserving your books, showpieces, and mementos. Another party-ready coffee table that is easy to decorate with seashells, colorful pebbles, and pretty coasters topped with a nice-looking flower vase. If browsing through books and magazines is your favorite pass time, then this newly built square box-like coffee table would come handy.

Use the small metal handle to pull up the glass top and take your pick whenever you are in a mood to read. Fill the shadow box with memorable family photos to make an awe-inspiring collage out of recycled wooden boards. The rugged look of the table has a nostalgic side. Classy and gorgeous, adding a handle to the table makes it easier to move the items in and out of the box. Making such impressive wooden furniture is a good way of recycling old stuff. Pay a visit to a thrift store and grab all the supplies to build a chic and useful shadow box coffee table.