Coffee Tables Living Room Furniture


Coffee Tables Living Room Furniture Coffee tables have been in existence since the 18th century. Beginning in Britain, the concept eventually expanded worldwide. Many materials, sizes, shapes, and colors have been used to create the tables. One of the styles that offer a more unique flair is the mosaic coffee table. Mosaic art itself goes back thousands of ears to Mesopotamia as they used clay and paint to create their art. As the nomadic tribes made their way across the known world, mosaic design and patterns slowly changed. In today's world tile, glass, ceramic, and stone is used to make anything from the simple to the intricate in designs. These designs can be transferred into the coffee table product line.

The variety of materials that you can use to compliment the mosaic design is numerous. Wood and glass tops are available. Europe gave us the use of cherry; mahogany and walnut for the body of the table while the advancement of technology brings us streamlined chrome and metal bodies. The mosaic coffee table can be produced to your own liking, depending on your own style, personality, and d├ęcor.

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